Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Peppermint Patty Lotion Bars

Lately I've been crafting up a variety of soaps and lotions to give as Christmas gifts and I decided to include some solid lotion bars this year. I posted a lotion bar recipe a while ago, but since I wanted to experiment with some new molds I picked up at the thrift store I made up a new and slightly different recipe. Most of the ingredients are the same, just a little simplified with a lighter scent and a firmer texture. This recipe makes a fairly small batch, so go ahead and double or triple it if you have lots of friends with dry winter skin!

If you're trying to craft up some last minute holiday gifts, lotion bars are a great choice: they're easy, don't require many fancy ingredients or tools, and they take less than an hour to make (although they do need several hours to cool down and solidify, but you can work on other projects while that happens).

You will need:

2 ounces beeswax
2 ounces cocoa butter
1 ounce coconut oil
1 ounce avocado oil
20 drops vitamin E oil
15 drops peppermint essential oil

Makes 3 lotions bars (approx. 2 oz each)

1. Using a double boiler (a glass or ceramic bowl over a saucepan of water works just as well) begin melting the beeswax. If your beeswax is in a large piece, chop it into small bits first.

2. Once the beeswax is mostly melted add the cocoa butter and allow it to melt into the wax. Next add the coconut oil, and let it melt down before adding the avocado oil. Stir until all the wax and oils are melted and incorporated. Remove from heat.

3.  Quickly stir in the vitamin E oil and essential oil and blend well. Pour into molds (I used silicon baking trays) and let the bars rest undisturbed for several hours or overnight.

4. When the bars are completely cool and have fully solidified, remove from the molds and enjoy! Store in a tin or wrap in wax paper to give as gifts. I keep one on a vintage teacup saucer on my nightstand to use before I go to sleep, and my hands thank me for it!  To apply, just rub between your hands like a bar of soap, then massage into skin. Your skin might feel a little greasy until the oils are fully absorbed but after a few minutes your hands should feel supple and nourished. Enjoy!


  1. Am so going to try this <3 Thank you!

  2. How do i store them? it looks so interesting, i would like to try this winter.

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the slow response; they can be easily stored in a tin with a lid or even a short glass jar with a wide mouth. As long as the lotion bars aren't left in a very warm place they will stay solid. I kept one on a saucer by the bathroom sink for easy access and that worked just fine too!