Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Breaking the Silence

Was my last post really in MAY!? Gosh, how did that happen? 

Sorry about disappearing on you all spring... 
and summer...
 and now we're well into fall. 
Well that's just embarrassing.

Time to turn over a new leaf! I've missed sharing and posting and chatting with you guys. I have to admit that I don't even have a project post ready for you, but I just wanted to break the silence and let you know that I will be back with some fun or yummy or crafty stuff soon. 

I got a new job, and a new (century old) rental house, and then I went and got married too! So I've been a little distracted. But enough of these excuses.

Hello there, I've missed you, let's visit again soon. 


  1. Oh my gosh! The best news! I've been wondering where you were. Welcome home <3

    1. Thanks Milla! It's good to be back. I have tons of catching up to do over on your wonderful blog, looking forward to some quality reading....

  2. You got married?? Oh my gosh, congratulations! Looking forward to the yummy crafty stuff :)

    1. Hey Juliana, thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the congrats, it's really exciting! More soon...