Thursday, September 5, 2013


The four-day drive West on I-90 was a toasty one, right smack in the middle of a heat wave. My mom and I had a really great trip nonetheless, making time for extracurricular activities like a stop in South Dakota to track down my great-grandfather's grave and have a picnic with him. My cats also joined us for lunch in the cemetery as did two wild turkeys and a pair of fawns.

I had been really apprehensive about the drive, specifically wondering how my cats would handle being in a car. They're sisters, both rescue cats with troubled kitten-hoods (their litter was found near a factory in Chicago, the kittens had been abused and some were even killed). All the surviving kitties were rescued and adopted. Ruby and Mabel were the last ones, waiting for their forever home (with me) for over a year and a half. They've both blossomed and are really social and playful cats around people they know well.

Copilot Mabel
Amazingly, they loved riding in the car and exploring new hotel rooms at night. Mabel especially loved to sit in the passenger's lap and gaze out the window at all the semi trucks, windmills, and fields of sunflowers. On a particularly clear night in Montana, I noticed she was staring up intently at the sky... it was the first time she saw the stars!

Ruby in the hotel, Minnesota
Our last day of driving was intended to be two days, but due to a hydroplane festival in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a Dave Matthews band concert at the Gorge, a Bob Sagat show and a rodeo around Spokane, we couldn't find a single hotel room until we made it over the pass. At that point, home was only a couple hours away so we just cranked up the radio and soldiered on. It was a 17 hour day in the car, going 860 miles!

It's good to be home. The cats are settling in and making friends with the family dog. The air is cool, damp, and fragrant with just a hint of saltiness coming off the sea. I'm surrounded by green instead of gray and I feel like I can breathe again! More on that later, I'm gonna take the dog for a walk.