Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Eat Tacos in a Cloud

Oh wow hi, internet, I'm back. I've finally graduated, completed my MFA thesis project, cleaned out my studio and 24 hours later ran away from the city to the Smoky Mountains. I'm up here with a friend from school: this is the first time either of us have left the city limits since Christmas, so a little fresh air and the lush green quiet is doing us some good.

view from the porch

Usually, I post some sort of recipe or talk about a project I'm working on, but in the spirit of post-graduation bliss, I'm just going to ramble a little. This is a blog after all and sometimes instead of making something I just want to sit on the porch and read. We're staying on the edge of the national forest in a sweet cabin B's family is generously letting us hide out in. It's stocked to the brim with a few generations' worth of framed photographs, handmade furniture, family artifacts, and just part of B's mother's collection of Southern folk art.

We're reading and cooking and watching movies from the selection of VHS tapes stashed around the living room. There's a small town a few miles down the road for groceries, ice cream, and window shopping. There's also a fantastic used book store-- it's the size of a house and I made out like a bandit having only browsed through the first three shelves. It's the kind of book store that really benefits from several unhurried visits and rewards you with treasures for fifty cents or a dollar. I got a stack of cookbooks, a reference guide to growing and using herbs and spices, and a lovely hand illustrated paperback called Gardening with Ferns published in 1973.

Last night we grilled corn and made vegetarian chorizo tacos while watching a storm roll in. It's fascinating to watch how quickly the mountains change from bright and clear to well, smoky in a matter of minutes. By the time dinner was ready we were completely enveloped by the clouds and listened to the rain on the leaves while we ate.

In other frivolous news. . .
I've had long hair most of my life and for months now have been sick of it. I cut it a couple months ago, but I didn't cut off much length. So between all our free time up here, the appeal of getting a "summer cut" and the symbolic gesture of cutting one's hair during a time of transition, I sat on the porch in my PJ's this morning and B and I chopped it off! I've never had hair this short, and I gotta admit it feels great.

porch-front hair-cutter extraordinaire

I hope you are having a lovely early summer, be it frivolous or down to business! And now that school's out, I plan to be writing a bit more. . . cheers.


  1. Hi there! I discovered your blog the other day, it's awesome, love your recipe index - I "bookmarked" it, ha! Congrats on finishing your MFA! That cabin looks wicked, I stayed in the Smokies 5 years ago between a move from New Orleans to DC, but haven't been back since.
    And way to go cutting your hair! I just cut mine to chin length last week after 6 years of growing it out from a buzz, it feels so good. I think it looks lovely on you! Cheers, Chloe

    1. Thanks so much! Being done with school feels a bit wild and unreal, but mostly fantastic. That's cool you've spent some time up in the Smokies too, they're so beautiful. Cheers to dramatic haircuts!

  2. Your hair looks so lovely short like that! I found your blog through 'girl who married a bear' (Milla) and devoured the whole backlog. Your recipes and homemades are fantastic. Best of luck with the next bit of your life and congratulations on graduating! :) Helen

    1. Thanks so much! Your blog looks great too, I'm adding it to my list. Thanks for saying hello!

  3. You have the best hair! And geez what a beautiful setting to eat tacos. And that skirt too!